Breast surgery

Breast augmentation with implants

This procedure consists in placing an implant behind the mammary gland and/or the pectoral muscle to achieve a bigger, rounder shape.


Breast reduction

Sometimes a bigger breast size is not wanted,  and for that a breast reduction is needed. Whether it be due to a previous breast augmentation that you now feel uncomfortable with, or just your regular breast size being too large for you.

Breast lift

With pregnancy,  the effect of gravity on the skin and fat, and the fluctuations in body weight thru the years, all of this factors contribute to a gradual loss of volume and ptosis of the breast. The correction of this breast ptosis is done with a surgery that replaces the breast to its normal site, and it can even be done with breast implants to not only correct the fall of the breast, but also give it a more youthful look.