Face procedures

Face lift

Weight fluctuations, gravity and time, are all reflected in our face as we age. Causing loose skin, and hypotrophy of spaces in zones of the face. The face lift restores the natural vectors of the skin to bring it to a more youthful look. There are many types and variations for this procedure, schedule a consultation to see if you are a candidate for a face lift.


Facial fat grafting

With age there is a natural depletion of fat and volume in zones of the face. Facial fat grafting uses your own fat to restore volume in this specific parts. It is very regularly done in combination with face lifts or on its own for some patients. Ask if you’re a candidate for this procedure and about the added benefits of fat graft.

Upper and lower blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty addresses problems with excess skin in the upper eye lid or excess skin and/or fat herniation in the lower eye lid. Getting rid of this conditions restores the eyes tired appearance to a more rested and open one.



Consists of a remodeling of the shape of the nose to a more aesthetic or more according to the desires of the patients, it can be from just a remodeling of the tip or remove a hump on the back of the same, until a revision of a surgery Previous with complete remodeling of the same.

Buccal fat pad removal

Bichat bags are two very small fat sacs of between 8-10 grams found inside the transition between cheekbone and cheek. There are people who remove these sachets can achieve a sharper appearance of the face. Ask if you are a candidate.


Neck liposuction

Sometimes there is a deposit of fat under the chin that gives the effect of being overweight even if it is not the case, or just the appearance of double chin or double chin that can make a face look rounder than it really is . These patients are candidates for a neck liposuction that easily gets rid of this and sharpens the mandibular line.