Female body sculpting surgery


This procedure consists of using small cannulas to extract fat from the body. It also known as body contouring or liposculpture, because we use the natural curves of the body to highlight its convexities and concavities to achieve a more curvaceous or voluptuous female contour.


Tummy tuck

This surgery removes the excess skin and fat of the lower abdomen while at the same time tightening the abdominal muscles to create a flatter more aesthetic abdomen. Usually patients who have had a pregnancy or have lost a significant amount of weight, are perfect candidates for this procedure.

Hi-Def liposuction

It’s a different type of liposuction technique that focuses mainly in highlighting certain muscle groups of the body to give it a more defined or toned appearance. Not everyone is a candidate for this type of procedure, schedule a consultation to know if it’s right for you.


Abdominal etching

It’s a variation of hi definition liposuction that focuses on highlighting the edges of the abdominal muscles, this is very popular in patients who are near their normal body mass index.

Brazilian butt lift

Butt augmentation is one of the most sought out procedures, and the Brazilian butt lift offers both the benefit of body contouring liposuction and butt augmentation with fat grafting resulting in drastic results and changes you will see and love.


Butt augmentation with implants

Not everyone is candidate for a BBL, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a butt augmentation. For this patients there is the option of using implants to achieve a rounder, bigger booty.

Calf augmentation

Calf muscles have a very limited space for growth, luckily you have options to achieve a bigger calf. Whether is implants, fat grafting or a combination of procedures, you have choices to help you get closer to your goal.


Mommy makeover

This is our most popular procedure, it is a combination of liposuction, Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck and breast augmentation, lift or breast reduction. All work together to give you a drastic change that will not only help you recover your pre-pregnancy body, but it will make you look better than ever.