Massive weight loss

If you underwent a bariatric procedure like a gastric sleeve or bypass, or just lost an important amount of weight; you will eventually be left with an excessive amount of skin. Post bariatric plastic surgery is one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of this specialty, it is the perfect combination of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and it refers to all procedures used to excise this skin excess and restore balance in body contour.

Circumferential tummy tuck

This procedure is mostly done for patients who have lost an important amount of weight, and have been left with an excessive amount of skin in their abdomen and back. It consists of  removing all that excess skin and tightening the abdominal muscles while restoring contour.


Fleur de Lis tummy tuck

Sometimes the excess skin is mostly located in the front and very little in the back, a normal or a circumferential tummy tuck would not get rid of all of this skin. For this patients there is the Fleur de Lis tummy tuck, its main difference is that it’s a vertical midline resection. This procedure is mostly done combined with a regular or circumferential tummy tuck.

Arm lift

This procedures main goal is removing the excess skin in the underarm. After weight loss excess skin in the arms is not only removed for aesthetic purposes, it also becomes very uncomfortable for patients. There are various techniques regarding arm lifts, schedule a consultation to learn what would be the best approach for you.


Leg lift

Same as in the arm lift, the main goal of the leg lift is removing excess skin in the thighs to give them a more aesthetic look. After weight loss, all that was before occupied by fat becomes an emptier space that translates into loose skin. There are different types of leg lifts, schedule a consultation to learn which one is right for you.